It should come to no surprise that when you decide to create a new habit, you're often drawn back to reiterating your old ways, because it's easier!
This post is going to give you 8 ways to successfully achieve anything you set your mind to, and all this with small habits.
No need to get cold feet when wanting to start something new, because with these powerful tips you're going to be on your way to your best life ever!



Achieve Anything You Set Your Mind To With Small Habits

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achieve anything you want with small habits

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Achieve Anything You Set Your Mind To With Small Habits

achieve anything you want with small habits

Hey hey my lovely entrepreneurs,

Are you one of those people who has every intention to start a new habit, yet find yourself feeling utterly demotivated and frustrated because you just can't seem to get past those first few (hard AF) weeks??

What if I told you that you there was a way you could finally achieve anything you set your mind to, and that it doesn't require you to go through the hardships that always come with starting new habits?



How can you achieve anything you set your mind to?

master small habits first

It's no surprise that when you try and fail, time and time again, to create new habits, maybe to be healthier or more productive, you're not going to be jumping up and down with joy, when you decide to try again, because you may ultimately fail to keep up the new habit.

You're probably going to run for the hills, right? Because you know that the possibility of you not being able to finally create that new habit is just not going to happen!

The secret is that you need to master small habits first and then start attacking big habits! 

The reason you are, more often than not, failing at your attempts to create habits, is that you've not built up your scaffolding! 

I mentioned in this post, that if you are going to attempt to create a life you actually love for yourself, you need to take baby steps.

Those baby steps are what will help you truly enjoy your new habits.

You wouldn't jump off the highest cliff, head first, without knowing someone has your back, right? Or you wouldn't let your small child get on a bike without their training wheels, if they don't know how to ride, right?

Same goes for achieving anything you set your mind to. You need to start with small habits first.

Slow and steady wins the race!

By implementing small habits instead of trying to bite off more than you can chew, will ensure the changes you are implementing, actually are a success, rather than a big old flop!

More importantly it is showing you that, not only can you change your ways, but also that your capacity to become that person you always knew you could be, is totally achievable and more than possible.



The Proof that small habits truly create
big changes

Let's push the above a little further - because it's empowering to really understand how you can change things in your life and improve yourself!

Imagine you walk up your flight of stairs at home or work, like you usually do, but this time something actually feels different.

You're not actually puffing for air or coughing up your lungs! That flight of stairs doesn't feel like you're climbing up a mountain, but a light hill. 

The reason it feels like that is because all you did was decide to climb the stairs every single day, or every opportunity you had.

You didn't decide to start by climbing a mountain, you took the simple and baby way up - and that is more than fine, because creating long lasting habits, starts small and I'm going to give you even more ways to do it.

Get ready to elevate yourself even higher. And to do this, here are 3 other important ways you can form long lasting habits.

I have a whole list of other ways you can form habits in this post, that will undoubtedly lead you to understanding the power of small habits to achieve big changes.

Below are 3 things you need to keep in mind when forming habits easily.



3 points to remember when forming habits easily

  1. Doing things over and over is key. Repetition is what is going to get you through the laborious work that is creating a new habit and actually sticking to it. By doing specific things, continuously repeating them, your brain will start understanding that it is something that is important and you will start doing these things automatically. Once you've got them down to a tee, it's generally very hard to undo them. So start creating good ones!!

  2. You need both motivation & willpower. In order for you to get things done, you need to actually feel motivated to do them. And conversely, what pushes you to keep doing those things, to create your new habit, is willpower. I have more about this in this post in the series of creating new habits.

  3. 66 is your magic number. You've heard and maybe participated in the monthly challenges to form new habits, that only last 21 days. Well research has shown that it can take anywhere from 18 - 254 for your habit to be completely ingrained in you. On average it takes about 66 days for a habit to become an automatism. 

However, there's really no telling how long it may take you.

There are numerous depending factors, the most important being the habit you're trying to form.

Again, you can have a look at this post to read more about how long it can take you to form new habits and if you'd like to really geek out, check this study.

Forget about wanting to go too big!

Baby steps, creating small, or even mini habits is what is going to help you stick to your new habits.

Small habits are extra powerful and they can absolutely change your life, as they will creep up on you and without even knowing it, your new habits will be acquired.

By setting yourself up for success, with these small habits, you are going to feel more confident as you build up your accomplishments and strive closer to your goals. 

This in turn helps you stay in control and harness more willpower, which in turn pushes and motivates you towards change.

How do you actually create that change?

I keep telling you: baby steps!

Below, I am detailing how you can successfully create small habits.





My Top 8 Tips To Successfully Create Small Habits

tips to create small habits
  1. Baby Steps Are Key: 
    Don't try to upheave your world in one day. Start with one new habit and see how that goes, then move on to the next one, etc ... 

  2. Size Matters:
    Try implementing changes to your mini-habits first, then making your way towards bigger changes. I have a whole article written on the benefits of having mini-habits, that really guide you to creating long-lasting habits. Feel free to check it out here.

  3.  Align Your New Habit With An Older One:
    Starting out with a new habit is always hard, so aligning it with one that already works for you, can only help you to create and build long lasting habits.

    In this post, I detail how I used an automated habit, with the new one I wished to create. 
    When I wanted to implement this new habit, I would start off drinking water as soon as I turned my alarm off, in the morning, and when I went to bed at night, after setting my alarm for the next day. This was adding 2 extra glasses of water in my routine, and it just became an automatism after a few weeks.

  4.  Don't Be Afraid To Commit
    There are some habits that will inevitably take longer than others - that's just the way it is. Inequality also exists in habits!
    The one thing ALL habits have in common is that the longer you stay at them, the easier they can become acquired.
    So give it time and don't be afraid to commit! 
    This post will actually give you informative points on how long it really takes for you to form long-lasting habits, so don't hesitate to check it out if you are curious as to your 21 day challenges don't always function!

  5. Have A Great Plan B (or C!) 
    You know that things won't always run smoothly, so always have another plan up your sleeve when these things arise. Say you wanted to go for your morning run, but you slept through your alarm, don't worry because you can always go in the evening. And if that also goes bust because it's raining, then you also have another plan. Things always work out, if you have a contingency plan!

  6.  Call A Friend
    Get your buddy when things are tough when trying to get into a new habit! It's always easier to to something hard, when you have a partner! Plus it also gives you a good reason NOT to abandon and be completely accountable. Don't try going at it alone - it will probably function as well, but it'll probably take you even longer to create your new habit, than having a friend to do it with you. Heck, why not get social about it? Social networks are definitely a great accountability partner!!

  7. Celebrate Yourself
    Don't be shy about rewarding your achievements! Every small step to reaching your best self is something that will encouraging you to continue, so celebrating yourself is key.

  8.  Embrace The New You
    When you are creating new habits, there are things about you that are going to inevitably change - and mostly for the better. I may take some adjusting when redefining who you are, but absolutely embrace the new you! Be totally proud of yourself and the steps you took to building the better version of yourself!

tips to create small habits



The Takeaway

By now, you know that creating new habits isn't the easiest of feats.

By avoiding to over-complicate things, and getting discouraged, I highly recommend following these easy, yet powerful 8 tips to not only embed new small  habits into your life, but succeed over time to notice some amazing growth and development as a person. 

That’s pretty exciting, especially when you consider all you really had to do is start with baby steps!

I hope you enjoyed this post in the series about creating long lasting habits, that these 8 powerful tips to creating small habits have helped and they continue to be of aid when creating your new self!

Elle Ash xo



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