Hey hey my lovely entrepreneurs,

Elle Ash

Sometimes it’s best to just laugh it off!

I’m Laura, but most people call me by my first initial /el/, thus the name of my blog Elle Ash, for my first and other initials. 

I love words, being a Mom, an entrepreneur, a teacher, and a mental health advocate.

I am fiercely loyal, super camera shy, love bubbles – the drinkin’ kind, and have an unhealthy (not really, but kinda!) obsession with everything related to self care!

Coming from a diverse background, I have lived around the world, but now call France, my home.

I am an adoptee and am Mom to an adorable little girl.

We all know that being a Mom can take its toll on us – even if we are Super Mamas!

The reality is that sometimes, it’s just super hard to keep all those balls up in the air and we just need a breather and stop juggling!

Little C keeps me on my toes, and thanks to her, I feel that my purpose in life has been amplified, as she makes it impossible to NOT want to be the best version of myself and she ensures that I am held accountable for being me and only me – every single day!

I also love being creative, with my mind, as well as, with my hands.

Hence, my mind can sometimes feel cluttered and my hands often have paint, crayon or pen marks on them! However, now I have discovered the iPad!! 

Oh and I’m a leftie!!

Read here what this blog is truly about and the why behind it 😉.

Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment, or email me. 

I really read all of your emails and try to respond to each and every one – give or take a few days in between receiving, responding and sending!

Super happy you’re here!

Elle Ash xo