Hey hey my lovely entrepreneurs,

Sometimes it's best to just laugh it off! The one & only pic of the OG Elle Ash (for now) Go check out @elleash.blog for more cool articles and posts

Sometimes it's best to just laugh it off!

I’m Laura, but most people call me by my first initial /el/, thus the name of my blog Elle Ash, for my first and other initials.

My friends and family have always called me Elle Ash, so it's kinda stuck now!

I love words, being an entrepreneur, a teacher, and a mental health advocate.

I am fiercely loyal, super camera shy, and love bubbles – the drinkin’ kind, but also the bath kind!

Coming from a diverse background, I have lived around the world, but now call Paris, France, my home.

I am an adoptee and am Mom to an adorable 5 year old, who seems to always know when to call me out whenever I am turning away from my authentic self!

I also love being creative, with my mind, as well as, with my hands.

Hence, my mind can sometimes feel cluttered and my hands often have paint, crayon or pen marks on them!

Oh and I’m a leftie!!

This blog will be jam-packed with tips on being the best version of yourself, information about mental health and lots of informative lifestyle tips & hacks for the Super Busy Mom and an Entrepreneur.

So excited to having you all here!

Elle Ash xo