Have you heard of mini-habits? In this post I am detailing everything you need to know about the powerful benefits of having mini-habits. Imagine having to only make super small adjustments in your life, and still managing to create impactful and meaningful change. Keep reading, because you’re in for a treat.

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What Are The benefits of having
mini habits?

Last Updated on August 6, 2021 by ELLEASH

benefits of mini habits

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4 Powerful Benefits of

benefits of mini habits

Hey hey my lovely entrepreneurs,

If you are here, I have an inkling that you are trying to get your life together and find ways to change the way you are currently living, in order to either become more productive, be healthier, or just because you are at a crossroad and need that push in the right direction.

But what is this right direction? I have exactly what you need, to get out of that eeky place you are in right now, but so desperately want to leave! 

Don't despair my lovely entrepreneur, I have your back!!

What if your right direction is just a few tiny mini-habits away?



What are mini habits?

benefits of mini habits

Mini-habits are just what they sounds like – it’s taking the assumption that doing a whole lot of small, even tiny things will eventually add up to something amazing.

Let me explain.

Imagine taking a few extra minutes in your morning, or evening, routine and utilising that extra time to do something just for you. 

If you were to use that time to mindfully meditate, or intentionally plan your day, or next day.

Visualize what would happen if you only took a couple minutes in that time to get your mind ready for the tasks ahead. I bet you'd feel so much more prepared, but also relaxed for what would eventually come up!

The great thing about implementing mini-habits is that not only can your they change how you get things done, but they impact your mind and body as well. 

Read on to learn what having mini-habits can do to improve your mindset, your productivity, you life, but also the super powerful benefits of having implemented them in my life!



What are the powerful benefits of having mini-habits?

1. You create an ambiance of triumph

benefits of mini habits

By setting yourself small goals, you’re much more likely to meet them.

Don't try to change everything at once! It will only lead to frustration for not having been able to meet your expectations.

Instead of telling yourself that you’re going to organize all of your paper clutter in one sitting, focus on one category at a time.

By doing that, you're not only going to actually be able to get through that pile, but you're also avoiding setting yourself up for failure, if you were to try and attempt finishing it all in one go!

The greatest thing about actually being mindful in your process is that by meeting these small goals, you are going to start being successful in your set tasks and your mind is going to be tricked, so to speak, into expecting more triumphant achievements, thus enabling a much more success-mindset!

You will start creating an ambiance of triumph, and your mind is going to expect this and you will have gotten the ball rolling towards living the life you actually want to live, and setting up the rules to how you're going to achieve that life.



2. You start viewing what you can do in a different manner

benefits of mini habits

If you set yourself up for failure, straight up you're never going to change anything! 

However, by accomplishing mini-goals, you will undoubtedly have your AHA-moment, and you start to realize that you're not lazy, you're actually super capable of getting s**t done!

The more you accomplish the things you have set-out for yourself, the more your confidence will augment, and you gain a better, more positive sense of your abilities. 

I know that when I was on my journey to becoming more mindful in my purchases, whenever I slipped up, it was always because I had set the freaking bar SO high for myself. 

When trying to become more minimalist in what goes in our home, I had to give myself some slack, when slipping up, otherwise I felt like I was getting nowhere!

By taking those baby steps to nurturing my achievements and success, I was starting to feel proud of them, and in turn of myself!




3. You find yourself being much more motivated

benefits of mini habits

Finding motivation is sometimes super elusive, when wanting to change certain aspects of your life.

When you really want to turn things around for yourself, and shake your life up so it's actually enjoyable, you can put that extra load of pressure on yourself.

That’s why mini-habits are so powerful as they don’t rely solely on motivation to accomplish things, they actually emerge from your self-command.

What actually gets the ball-rolling for you, is that once you reach your goals, you're inevitably going to start feeling the buzz of those achievements, and the energy of your successes are going to boost your confidence and help you feel that much more motivated to continue on your kick A path! 



4. You are creating adjustments that will be impactful for your entire life

Establishing your daily mini-habits, you are building-up a scaffolding for those larger habits that may have seemed unachievable before!

benefits of mini habits

I always give the example of my water-intake.

I have the super super bad habit of not staying hydrated enough during the day.

I once tried a 30-day challenge where I had to drink more than 3.5 liters of water. Well, after 3 days, it just blew up in my face, because I hadn't implemented my water-drinking in increments!

My poor bladder, just had NFI what I was putting it through!

I quickly stopped that farce, and actually started by drinking the appropriate daily amount of 1.5 liters first.

Obviously, that was much more achievable than the 1 gallon challenge!

By creating that mini-habit of drinking the recommended amount of water to just feel good, I was able to actually finish that challenge and not feel like a failure.

So not only was it achievable, it actually made me feel really good and my body didn't feel like it was drowning!

It was something that was completely manageable and it started me on my daily water-drinking journey.

The fact that it was a baby-step towards including more water in my diet, made it so much more enjoyable, whereas it seemed so freaking daunting before.

Mini-Habits not only adjust how we do things, but change how we think and act and are incredibly impactful on our future way of living! 

benefits of mini habits



The Takeaway

benefits of mini habits

I hope this post has highlighted how important it is to start slow and create mini-habits first, in order to step-up and into your larger goal.

Being able to create an environment for success, seeing yourself in a different light, actually getting motivated by not even trying that hard and finding the balance to create impactful and long-lasting habits, are exactly what you need to live a serene, stress-free, mindful and intentional life.

Let me know if you have other benefits to having mini-habits and don't forget to share the information along!

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Elle Ash xo



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