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I'm Elle, and I decided to create this blog because I wanted to, not only, take you on a journey with me, but also, share with you incredible tips & hacks for the Moms and fabulous women out there.

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Be Fiercely Authentic 

It was also imagined as an extension of my Instagram page, which is mainly dedicated to what I hold close to my heart – mental health.

I love creating content that is informative and conversation-starter-enabling.

I hope & wish it to be instructive and help answer some questions you may have about mental health

For a very long time, I had been extremely curious about the repercussions our words can have on people who suffer from a mental health issue. As an anxious person, as well as a bit of an introvert, I do tend to keep a lot of things in, but I am slowly starting to allow myself to express them, verbally, as I have always written things down, as a means to evacuate - hence the blog!

Words are a powerful communication tool and if they are used with purpose and kindness, they can empower, elevate and recharge anyone’s mood and sense of self!

The aim of my blog is to not only, keep informing people on mental health, but also, to give tips on the little things we can do everyday towards each other and towards ourselves, as well as, enable a safer space for all.

We all know that being a Mom can take its toll on us - even if we are Super Mamas!

The reality is, and I know from being Mom to a gorgeous 5 year old little girl, that sometimes, it's just super hard to keep all those balls up in the air and we just need a breather and stop juggling!

Little C keeps me on my toes, and thanks to her, I feel that my purpose in life has been amplified, as she makes it impossible to NOT want to be the best version of myself and she ensures that I am held accountable for being me and only me - every single day! 

This blog was also created with that in mind. I hope to give you tools, as well as awesome tips, hacks and advice, to truly be the best version of yourself - as a Mom, Entrepreneur and Woman!

It will also tackle all the intricacies of what it's really like to be a Mom and give you fabulous tips and hacks that you can use in your everyday life - may it be from dealing with your kids' tantrums, to redecorating your office space, as well as delving into the craziness of life!

Self-care anyone??? Yeah, thought so!

Lastly, as a teacher, I hope to be able to convey all the organization hacks, studying tips, and much more, to you, that I have accumulated throughout my numerous years of teaching, and have been passing on to my students!

I bet you're going to love the tips that can help nurture self-esteem, boost confidence and enable your children (or yourself!), to reach their (your) full potential, as a happy and motivated student!

I hope that with this blog you giggle a lot, maybe cry a little, but more importantly, ensure you feel happy to be you, do you – all day and everyday.

To feel empowered & strong when you are your most authentic self, even if you feel you are struggling, is probably the best #1 tip I can start off giving you.

Ready to:

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Always put your best foot forward and just go for it!!

Elle Ash xo