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I’m super excited for you to be joining me on the Elle Ash Blog! I’m very grateful that you are willing to accompany me on this windy, yet gloriously adventurous, path. Ready? Let’s travel together! 

I’m Elle, and I decided to create this blog because I want to share with you useful tips & mindful ways about taking care of yourself, your family, your children (if you have any), but also to live your life as authentically and fiercely as possible.

We are social beings, therefore other people are also important to the whole of our environment. And sometimes I feel like we forget that, but inevitably, we really do need each other to live a meaningful and genuine life.

This blog will be the perfect platform to curate these themes and give you the tools and resources to truly live your most authentic life, with lots of self love and motivational growth along the way.


Be fearlessly authentic!

This blog was also imagined as an extension of my Instagram page, which is mainly dedicated to what I hold close to my heart – mental health, personal development and self care.

I love creating content that is informative and conversation-starter-enabling.

I have always been extremely curious about the repercussions our words can have on people. 

Words are a powerful communication tool and if they are used with purpose and kindness, they can empower, elevate and recharge anyone’s mood and sense of self!

The aim of my blog is not only to keep informing you about the importance of your mental well-being, but also, to give you the resources and tools to ensure you are keeping track of your mental wellness.

I will be giving you ways in which you can elevate yourself and your mental well-being, through personal development to ultimately achieve personal growth.

I hope that with this blog you giggle a lot, maybe cry a little, but more importantly, I truly hope you feel happy to be you, do you – all day and everyday – after navigating and getting lost in this blog!

Being your most authentic self is exactly what is going to make you feel empowered & strong, even if you feel you are struggling.

This is probably the best #1 tip I can start off giving you.

Elle Ash xo

Where Do I Go Now?


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It’s also THE place to be id you’re looking for inspiration to start living a healthier life, having a healthy lifestyle and healthy living. It curates the best ideas, tips & hacks, so you can easily benefit from these new healthy life choices.

Learn more about daily routines you can create, simple nutrition ideas, healthy life essentials to help you begin and maintain your goals, healthy life activities for beginners and kids, as well great routines you can engage in for a healthy mind.

Mental Health

MENTAL HEALTH blog posts on elleash.blog

The best blog posts to ensure you are being your most authentic self and living the best life there is!

The stigma associated to any mental health illness can often be crippling. Staying mentally healthy is a daily uphill battle. This is the place to help you find your inner strength, and give you the resources and tools to stay on top of your mental health. Be inspired to overcome the challenges associated with mental health, with mental health quotes, mental health bullet journaling, & everyday tips to stay on top of your mental health. Start learning to love all of yourself fiercely!

Personal Development

self development

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Self Care

Self-Care Isn't Selfish. Don't Feel Guilty For Taking Some YOU Time. YOU Matter And Are Important! Check out elleash.blog for more SELF CARE TIPS.

This is exactly where you want to go to when you need to take your self care routine to the next level! All the coolest tips and hacks to ensure you really are taking care of yourself – and not always focusing on others’ needs.

We all know that self-care is ultra important to ensure a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Self-care tips for women, the busy entrepreneurs, the juggling Moms and all of you who enjoy some YOU time.

I have curated the best self love ideas, self care checklists, free printables to enjoy for elevating yourself & your self care, ways you can love yourself more profoundly, ideas on how you can practise self care and self love at home, without the burden of spending too much money!

Enjoy the process!


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Get ready to glow up!


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Motherhood is undoubtedly the steepest learning curve – ever. I have topics such as: inspiring motherhood quotes, raising kids, pregnancy, breastfeeding, babies, toddlers, parenting, homemaking tips, mom advice & hacks, mental health, best self care practices to love & empower yourself, free printables, activities to do with your kids and much more!

If you, too, are juggling being a Mom, want tips & hacks to be an even cooler Mom or just need to reassure yourself, that you are not alone in this Momming mess – welcome!


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Be the Entrepreneur of Your Life!

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