Best 35 Journaling Prompts For Beginners

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This post will detail the best journaling prompts you can use when you are feeling uninspired or just a little stuck! These are perfect if you are a beginner and need a little help in your journaling journey. Remember to enjoy the process and learn from it ☺️.



The Best 35 Journaling Prompts For Beginners


Hey hey my lovely entrepreneurs,

Today, I want to share with you the best journaling prompts you can use, when you are just starting out on your journaling journey. 

These prompts come from a place of deep understanding of what we all need every now and then – and that is some kick-A self love!

Committing to taking care of yourself, loving who you are and envisioning who you can become is one part of the journaling process that I love and treasure.

I want you to feel that exact moment, that shift, you will encounter when you are taking your self care seriously.

I also want you to be incredibly present to your needs, you dreams, and I also hope you will be mindful to your past, shine in your present and look forward to your future.

Self care can have many facets, it’s not just slapping on a face-mask and burning a candle.

Self care is also taking care of your mind and your mental health. Your mental wellbeing is more important than having an Instagram-filtered looking face! Even if we all want gorgeous skin, looking after what is inside is probably the best gift you can give yourself.

So devour these prompts, without moderation, and don’t hesitate to come back and let me know what you thought. You don’t have to use the exact ones- don’t hesitate to spruce them up to fit your needs.

These are just suggestions that are going to help shape how you wish to journal, stick to it, but also love the process.

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#1.  What are you looking forward to today?

#2.  If you were moving across the country and could only take a limited number of objects, what would you choose no matter what, and why?

#3.  Imagine yourself as a bird or animal. What have you chosen? What do you think it would feel like to be this animal?

#4.  What is your earliest memory? Write it in as much detail as possible.

#5.  What is your body trying to tell you that you haven’t been listening to? How would you like to reply?

#6. Write about a time you helped someone. How do you think this act made them feel? How did you feel performing it?

#7.  Who are the three most influential people in your life? How have they impacted you?

#8.  Write 12 things you’d like to do over the next year, listing one for each month.

#9. Talk about the first time you did something you never had before, particularly one you felt like everyone knew how to do but you (like cooking or changing a tire). How did you feel when you accomplished this task?

#10. Who hurt your feelings in the past? Write about why they might have acted in the way they did. Does active empathy change how you feel about the situation?

#11.  What has surprised you?

#12. What is something you believed as a child you found out wasn’t true as an adult?

#13. If you had the ability to teleport yourself anywhere, where would you go, and why that place in particular?

#14. Who is someone you used to talk to a lot, but haven’t in a while? How would you go about reconnecting with them? What would you want to say?

#15. If you could leave a message to the you of last year, what would you say?

#16. What is your perfect day?

#17. Write about something you wished you had said to someone but never did. Say it to them now in the safety of your journal.

#18. What is something you’d like to learn, and why? What do you think this new skill would bring to you and those around you?

#19. What secret do you wish you could tell someone? What do you think would happen if you did? Seriously consider sharing this secret with someone close, so you no longer need to carry it.

#20.  List off your five favorite meals. Write down who you’d like to share them with and why that person / people. Make plans to enjoy one of them shortly.

#21.  What are the five things you like about yourself?

#22. You’ve been given a thousand dollars and an hour to spend it, the rules being it has to be for something fun. What would you do?

#23.  How can you show kindness to someone today (if you’re journaling in the morning) or tomorrow (if you’re journaling at night)? Make plans to do so.

#24. What do you dream about doing more than anything else in the world? Write about it in detail.

#25. What is the last book or movie that made an impact on you? What about it made it unforgettable?

#26. Pick a color (it doesn’t have to be your favorite). Tell how this color makes you feel inside.

#27. You’re lost in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language. Is this a crisis, a challenge, or an opportunity? Why?

#28. List off six things you’ve learned recently that you find fascinating.

#29. Describe your favorite time of day. What memory do you associate with this time of day that makes it your favorite?

#30. Ellen Sirleaf Johnson said, “If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.” What is the dream that scares you? What can you do that will set you on the path to achieving this dream?

#31. What did you want to be when you were younger? Are you doing that today? If yes, describe how it makes you feel. If not, why do think you aren’t, and how does that make you feel?

#32. What part of your body is your favorite and why?

#33. Choose one childhood memory that made you feel fabulous. Write about it and detail how it made you feel and if you could do it again, would it be the same?

#34. What do you love most about your life right now? Are there things you would like to change? What are they and write down how you are going to change them.

#35. Write about the last beautiful moment you witnessed and describe how it made you feel.



The Takeaway

Journaling can sometimes feel daunting, especially when you have a blank page staring at you! Don’t be intimidated by it though!

With these 35 essential prompts for beginners, you are bound to start, or continue on, your journaling adventure with much more serenity and ease.

Let me know how you went, I’d love to hear from you – either in the comment section below, or via email.

You are extremely worthy and deserving of the moments you take for yourself.

Every baby step you take to nurturing your self love, mental wellbeing and self care should be mindful and intentional.

I hope you enjoyed these prompts and let me know if they have been useful.

Enjoy the process!




Elle Ash xo



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