5 Ways To Be More Confident

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This post is all about confidence and how you can build upon it every day. These 5 tips are going to help elevate your self esteem and self worth to new levels! I can’t wait for you to read on!

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5 Ways To Be More Confident

5 ways to be more condident

Hey hey my lovely entrepreneurs,

How are you doing today? Like, really doing? I do hope everything in your life is going the way you want it to go. If it isn’t, I am more than confident things are going to get better! You have to believe they will. The power of the mind is fascinating!

Which leads me to my post of today. Have you ever wondered how people just know that things in their (or others’) lives are just going to get better? Why is it that they are just so dang sure of how things may, or may not, turn out all the time?

It’s called confidence!

This post is going to give you 5 super simple ways, you can be more confident in your life, and how you can implement them right now!



If you feel that you need to take yourself out of a situation where other people undermine your abilities or you just need to challenge limiting beliefs that were formed years ago, you need to work on your self confidence

Self confidence refers to assuredness in your own power and ability to overcome any kind of situation. Being self-confident is essential to your mental well-being. Having self-confidence will enable you to thrive in both your personal and professional life.

If you don’t have a strong sense of belief in yourself, don’t despair! Being more confident is something that you can learn to become and here are 5 super simple ways you can do just that.



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1. Get rid of negative thoughts To Be More Confident

It’s important for you to know how to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. This is mainly why negative thoughts, as well as any kind of insecurities, usually pop-up in your mind.

In fact, you need to learn to be aware of your self-talk, when it’s negative, and be able to get rid of it. Heck, why not give yourself a pep-talk, on how awesome you really are doing and that what you are doing is fantastic.

The way we talk to ourselves, is really important. Talking negatively about yourself is just bound to come bite you back in the butt! How can you expect others to feel your confidence, if you can’t?

Instead of thinking, saying or feeling how ‘badly‘ you are you doing, you can think of all the amazing things that happen to you right now and focus on them.

Even though it’s not easy to do so, with a little training you can control your mind over insecurities and negative ideas.

One thing that helps me get through hardships is by telling myself positive affirmations. I will literally stand in front of my mirror and give myself an awesome pep talk and incorporate these affirmations. 

If you would like them too, download them for free below. 

Free Download of Confidence Boosting Affirmations




2. To Be More Confident: Focus on solutions

focusing on solutions

If you focus more on problems and complain about them, than trying to find any possible solutions, you’re being counter-productive and just digging a bigger hole! 

For example, instead of trying to figure out why you are facing a difficult situation, you should focus on how you can find the best solutions you can, you can in order to resolve the problem. 

Trying to find new ideas, that will help you with your problem, is one of the best ways you can become more confident. 

And when you actually do find that solution, or solutions, you’re going to feel super proud of yourself.

Focusing on how you can change something that isn’t working , rather than why it’s not working, is the best mindset to have when you are wanting to boost your self-confidence.



3. Be prepared for the unexpected To Elevate Your Confidence

Being prepared boosts your self confidence

When you think that you are not going to perform well at something, it’s hard to be confident in yourself.

You can actually beat this feeling by preparing as much as possible for any hard situation.

For example, if you need to make a presentation for your work in front of an audience, you need to be well prepared; learn everything about your subject and study as much as you can. Obviously, this the same goes for any of your daily activities. 

The more you know about something, the more confident you are if any mishaps arise.

This way, you’ll be able to perform better and you’ll eventually feel more confident.

Being prepared for the unknown is such a confidence boosting feeling!

This tip is one that you should also pass on down to your little ones! The better they see you prepared for any situation, and see how you handle the unknown, the more they will know to do the same.

In turn, they will feel super confident when something unexpected happens and they know exactly how to deal with the situation.



4. Set small goals When Wanting To Be More Confident

Setting up small goals to boost your confidence

Many people usually make the mistake of making really big plans and as a result they get easily discouraged.

Even if it’s great to ‘dream big’, it’s better to start by setting a small goal that you know you can achieve.

This is going to give you more joy and you will feel more powerful in achieving your small goals.

As a result, soon you’ll be setting bigger ones.

Baby steps are what you want to be taking to avoid feelings of overwhelm and also to not set yourself up to failure. By biting more than you can chew, you are inevitably bound to hit that hard, brick wall, you’ve been avoiding!

So don’t do that to yourself! Don’t deliberately set yourself up for feeling disappointment, when you can easily set yourself small goals and actually achieve them! 

Go around the wall and do it by being fully present in your first baby step and keep doing so until you can tick off all your ‘small’ goals and get to the bigger one.



5. Know yourself better To Tap Into Your Confidence

Know Yourself Better

If you are trying to overcome a negative self image and you really want to replace it with confidence, your only enemy is yourself.

So, it’s crucial to get to know yourself well. For instance, you can start by listening to your thoughts and trying to analyze them.

This can be done through journaling. A superbly grounding and essential activity, that I find has helped me throughout some difficult times. What is also productive about journaling, is that you can always go back and read about where you were at one point in your life, and how you have managed to overcome and grow. 

Then, you need to think about all the good things about yourself, such as the things you are amazing at, what you like and finally, think about if your limitations are real or that you are subconsciously creating them.

Personally, I love this notebook to journal in, but try out your own and see how positive you will actually feel. 

Jotting down things, finding solutions, navigating through life with true intention to be completely present in your solution-finding/problem-solving can not only be a great self-care essential, it can truly elevate your self-confidence to higher levels!

If you are interested in journaling, check out this first post that details everything you need to know about getting started and its importance to your self care regimen!

The second post will give you 35 journaling prompts you can use when you are feeling uninspired or just a little stuck! 



The Takeaway

I sincerely hope these 5 simple tips have been useful or are going to elevate you in your journey to being more confident.

Being self-confident is something you can learn and improve upon. 

It doesn’t have to be a lonely nor a difficult road.

Know that who you are and what you do is enough!

Don’t ever compare yourself to others and remember that know matter what, you are an awesome person and don’t give up on yourself!

You’ve got this my lovely entrepreneur!

Elle Ash xo



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