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This post will be about the various things learned in the last decade. 

What has this past decade taught you? Want to find out? Well go check out for cool posts and answers to this question.

Hey hey my lovely entrepreneurs,

Well, aren’t we glad 2020 is here, right?!

Today’s post is going to focus on trying to answer the question:

What have you learned in the last 10 years?

We have barely finished ringing in the New Year, that I am hard at work (well kinda… ).

Well, hard being the operative word here.

I must admit the next day of any party is hard, but today seems to be excruciating.

Must be my age catching up to me 🙂

I know, I know, my own fault!

Whilst I am here writing away, I am reminiscing about all the milestones I have reached and all the paths I have travelled, these past few years.

I feel that going into this new decade, I need to reflect a little on how the past decade has been for me.

If you have read my older post about self-care, you will know that I am a fervent journaling adept!

I have kept one since my 13th birthday and I always like to be consistent in my writing.

For the past few years, I had been using the gorgeous MOO Hardcover Dotted Notebook, in the color Pink Punch, but I haven’t been able to repurchase them on Amazon, as of late!! 

I have found an alternative, for now, with the Minimalism Art, Premium Hard Cover Notebook, which is as lovely as the MOO Notebook, but when you have a favorite journal, you kinda tend to stick to it!

So, I have been going over the last few notebooks I have written in and was feeling nostalgic.

10 years seems super long when you are experiencing life, but as I reflect, this decade just flew by!

What have I learned in the last 10 years of my life?

I guess the biggest changes I have experienced in this past decade is that I have become a life-partner, a Mother and have just touched the tip of  this “adulting” thing!

Below are a few mentionable changes in my life that I have learned.

I would love to hear about what you have gained knowledge in, this past decade. Feel free to drop me a few lines below or directly here.  I always love hearing from you 🙂


I have learned to be patient. 

Patience has never truly been a great trait of mine, but in the past 10 years I have learned that patience can take you on a great journey – once accustomed to being acquainted and friendly with it.

Patience has enabled me to grow a first business from nothing.

It has enabled me to achieve goals I never though reachable and lastly it has enabled me to not have a screaming match with a 2 year old! 

Because, we all know, that the toddlers will win.

Hands down, and all the freakin’ time!

So, to avoid losing an uphill battle with a 2 year old, I have learned to rely on patience.

Most times it has saved my sorry A, with a tantrum-throwing toddler.

I have the power to empower

Something else that I have learned I had, and hope to bring forward into this new decade is, the power to empower. 

To have power doesn’t mean to overpower someone or something.

For me, it means to feel confident and safe, and to show others that they can be powerful too, and in turn return the favor to others.

Be you

I learned that by being me, I had power. 

Not a sugar-coated version, not a ball-breaking version, just me.

Of course, you cannot be appreciated by everyone and vice versa.

You must learn to decipher the difference between someone who wants to be with you, because you are your authentic self, and someone who is just using you to elevate themselves to a place, you definitely don’t want to be part of.

Paying it forward

As a teacher, my power is to help and enable my students to find that power and use it for good, and to always bring it and pay it forward.

There is no need to diminish others to feel powerful. 

I believe that someone powerful, is someone who can show you that you have the potential to be the better version of yourself and to use that better version and empower others in return. 

What keeps me going when some days are harder than others, is knowing that I want, and know how to empower others.

May it be through my content, my creativity or just through what I do everyday.

Everyday, I choose to celebrate women, because ladies, come on, we are the s***!

We are amazing, we can achieve greatness and one of the best ways to empower women is by having them feel confident.

And what better transition than to do it with Michelle Obama?!

My obsession over Michelle Obama has no end! I love this woman's values, morals and if you want to know why she made it in my blog post, come to

For those of you who know me, you know my complete and utter ** OBSESSION ** with the former First Lady of the United States of America.

She truly encompasses what I believe a passionate, knowledgeable, compassionate, smart, sassy, and so much more ( because she IS bomb!! ), woman is.

She is definitely someone I look up to and her thoughts and words make me so hopeful for the future.

I cannot wait for her podcast and if you haven’t read her book, I highly recommend that you do.

With the holidays coming up, take some time out from your busy schedule to read it.

It is so beautifully written – you cannot but feel elated and hopeful for the future.

You can purchase it by clicking here, or below, if you don’t already have it.

And why not gift it to your peeps?

I hope that you indulge yourself, and your girlfriends, with a little bit of YOUR power!

Elle Ash xo

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