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Last Updated on October 15, 2020 by ELLEASH

Hey hey my lovely entrepreneurs,

As you all know by now, I started this new entrepreneurial path, to celebrate the amazing women I know and therefore wanted others to feel that they could be celebrated too, because we are all bomb ladies.

However, a question poses itself and that is: Could you work with your closest friends?

Could you work with your closest friends? Check out and see how it's done there!

I’m not going to lie, that sometimes my close friends and I can disagree on how matters should be dealt with, but we always end our day on the same page. 

I believe that disagreements are a normal part of any relationship, the way we deal with them is how Friendships can withstand adversity and bumps. 

It’s normal to feel out-of-synch with your best friends at times, and even more when some of them are your business associates, but Friendship that is real, will withstand any type or form of hardship(s).

It’s important to communicate when these arise.

There is no need to feel threatened when your idea or point of view is challenged.

It’s important to listen to what others have to say.


Input in any relationship can only make you stronger and build upon that relationship.

With my team, we always aim to clear the air before the disagreements elevate to something that isn’t worth spending too much energy on.

Could you work with your closest friends? Check out and see how it's done there!


We all have seriously kick A ideas, and sometimes we want to push them forward, because they are ours. However, sometimes what we think is grandiose and the next big thing, may end up a bust and it’s vital that we hear each other out.

I would say that most of the time, we are able to end the day with a great compromise, because that is what any healthy relationship should strive for.

If one party is unwilling to compromise, the issue can escalate into a full-blown drama and inevitably waste a lot of precious time.

In business we all know that time is money, but sometimes spending the time ironing out the creases of ruffled feathers, can save you a lot of heartache in the long run. 

Bitterness has no place here with my team and friends.

Compromise is something I try to uphold on my end, and that I demand from my team. 

I believe it is what has helped us through some difficult moments, and what will keep us moving past the hurdles of business and especially Friendship in business!

So, go ahead and tell your BFFs what that they really mean to you and continue nurturing your relationship.

Your Friends are the family you get to choose!

Elle Ash xo

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