This post is all about the coolest work from home accessories. If WFH is new to you or you’re a pro at it, this post has gathered the coolest items you didn’t even know you needed. Your workspace needs to be aesthetically pleasing, filled with pretty, chic and useful items, but more importantly they needn’t be OTT nor over your budget. Enjoy these items that have been curated especially for the women boss, women entrepreneurs and all women who want to find inspiration for their workspaces.

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Hey hey my lovely entrepreneurs,

This is my 3rd post on the best WFH accessories that will make WFH a breeze, and a joy!

You can find the first post here and check out the best WFH products I curated just for you – and they can all be found on Amazon! The first post concentrated on the 3 basic items we really need when WFH: Desk, Desk Lamp & Desk Chair.

In the second post, that you can find here, I curated all the awesome accessories we really need to ensure our WFH experience isn’t too challenge-filled!

In this third post, I will be concentrating on the coolest WFH items you didn’t even know you needed. But as soon as you have them, you will wonder where the heck they have been all your WFH moments! 

Enjoy and be prepared to be blown-away by some of the items I’ve curated for you!






the coolest HOME OFFICE accessories – (you will wonder how you ever lived without them – SERIOUSLY!)  


It’s no joke that 2020 has definitely been the year of all Mothers! With the global health pandemic, that has obliged many of us to reorganize our office space, and to find out what it is really like to juggle between our laptop, our kids and to not lose our minds, I have got you covered!

Just because we might be blurring the lines between on-the-clock and off-the-clock, our bread & butter still needs to get done, right?

So I have curated, for this post, the coolest WFH items, that you will wonder how you ever lived without, whilst embarking on this WFH journey! 

For those of you who are pros of WFH, maybe it’s time to discover items you had no idea you needed, but will definitely want after reading this!

And the best of it all? They are all available on Amazon – so no need to worry about getting caught out, when you really ought to be staying in!

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Light Therapy Lamp

SADly (ha!) this 2nd quar is occurring during the beginning of winter, so we have less daylight, and seriously, this item is a god-send! It improves your mood, it is so portable, that you can have it on your desk, and it is really easy to use! Highly recommend this light therapy lamp, not only is it quite small, but it’s SO much cheaper than a holiday (even if we can’t really travel ATM!!).

Compression Socks (pack of 8)

Don’t diss it until you try it! I had to wear compression socks during my last month of pregnancy, because I wasn’t allowed to get out of bed! So, they will feel TIGHT! But dang, do they work y’all!! No puffy ankles & your legs feel super light! You must stretch them out before trying to put them on. Easier to put on with repeat wear 🙂 These don’t slip off or roll down either!

High Waisted Leggings

So, you know your Momma’s leggings? Yeh, well these are not them! I have 2 pairs of these leggings and I swear they are seriously the BEST leggings I have ever owned! They don’t sag, they’re not see-through, I can do my squats and not fear that people may see through!! They are super soft, comfortable and they are indestructible! And you need these, when WFH, because not only can you just slide them on, you can still go pick up your groceries or your kids, without looking too rough!! I cannot praise these more!!



LapGear Home Office

If you really don’t have the budget, nor the room for a desk – no problems! This lap office, will definitely do the job! Light weight and can be tucked away once your work day is over.

Roll On Migraine Stick

This product is super useful for the long days in front of a screen, which inevitably leads to headaches and/or, migraines. Or even if you are prone to “tension-headaches” that appear at the most inopportune moments – this little gem will be your life-saver! I suffer from headaches more often than I like, so this migraine stick was bought a little on a whim. I am super happy I went out on a limb, because this baby’s cooling effect is bomb!!

Gel & Memory Foam Cushion

Your back and neck will truly thank you with this amazing product. If you cannot afford to buy a new office chair, this is seriously a great alternative. Not only are you using your regular chair, but you are saving your back and neck a visit to your chiropractor! I love it, because it doesn’t slip and you can easily clean it. Try it and be amazed 🤩.



Glass Desk Mat (19″ x 24″)

Made from tempered glass, this is a truly sturdy desk protector. I love that it is clear and super smooth. I am often doodling and when I need to jot things down quickly, as I work, this a great alternative to paper AND my desk is protected!

PU Leather Desk Mat (31.5″ x 15.7″)

Another super useful item for your WFH adventure! I like that it is reversible, if you buy the colored ones. You can purchase it in purple/pink, grey/silver, light blue/silver, dark green/grey and green/blue. 

Personally, I prefer the black, but we’ve got a pink one for our daughter. And I can vouch that it is super easy to clean! 

Rose Gold Document or Magazine Tray

Another staple for major productivity vibes! This doc or mag tray is super cute, but is also great for keeping your desk or office area tidy and neat. Really great to keep you mind in productivity mode, whilst working from home! It also comes in gold.



Webcam Cover

If you are anything like me, and you value your privacy, buy these little items! They stick on your devices and you can open or close them, depending on your use. Don’t be like me and wait ages with a piece of old washi tape over your webcam or iPhone camera 😂.

Crayola Colored Gel Pens

Initially I bought these for our 5 y.o.! However, I ended up pinching them because of the smooth manner in which they just glide on paper. As a doodler, I have these on my desk and whenever I am feeling restless, I will grab a few colors and doodle away. They are also great, when I need to take notes – as I like to structure all my notes with colors. I’ll use these whenever I’m not digitally writing out stuff out!

Spiral notepad for Lists

The variety of lists I make in a day ought to be illegal! I LOVE making lists – I try to stick to just 5 a day, but even that is too much! Thus the cover for this is exactly what you need if you love making lists! 



USB C Charging Cable

This may just be a cable, but it is an essential item for when WFH. We are always needing to recharge our phone or iPad, so it is super useful to have more than one charging cable! A must to avoid having to always look for our cable or unplug the one already in use! Plus it really does charge your iPhone super fast!

Coffee Mug Warmer

What I love about this item is that it is so useful and affordable! Perfect for keeping your beverage hot – especially when you’re sitting at your desk and reach for your cup and it’s lukewarm – yuck! And, hello, it is PINK!!!

Tatcha Lip Mask

I know, I know! You’re probably wondering why this lip mask is included in the best WFH products?! Because, if your lips are often chapped, you really ought to try this product. And what better time than to do it in the comfort of your own home?? This lip mask is is really one of my favorite lip products. My lips are often dry, cracked and peeling. I have tried SO many lip balms and products to alleviate the soreness when the cold weather arrives, yet I always seem to come back to this product – even the price doesn’t stop me (too much)! I know if I wear it before going to bed, my lips will be baby soft the next morning, and if they are chapped during the day, I only need to apply it once, and I’m set! Even after drinking and eating during the day!



I hope you enjoyed this post concerning the coolest WFH items. In case you missed the first one, on the best home office essentials, you can find it here and the second one on the best home office accessories can be found here.

Drop me a line below and let me know what your favorite accessories are whilst WFH.

Elle Ash xo

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